Oil Burner

Oil Burner

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This stylish  ceramic oil/melt burner can be used with any of our candle melt aromas.

Simply place your choice of our bespoke wax melts in the top dish. As for the enclosed soy tea-light that is gifted for your first burn, place that in the bottom part of the burner, in the middle of the opening.
Ignite the tea-light candle to liquify the soy melt. A lovely aroma will begin to drift through your room.
When you are ready, simply blow out the tea-light candle, and the molten wax will harden again, encaptivating the aroma, ready for your next burn. Once the wax melt loses its aroma, simply dispose of it, and replace it with another cube of our wax melts

Please note, the oil burner doesn't come with any candle wax melts. You do receive a complementary tea light only. 

Oil Burner weight is Approximately 290g

Colour: white 

Liquid quantity: 1 or 2 of our wax melt cubes or 75mls.