Winner "Best Spiritual Wellness Candle Brand - Australia 2023

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Being in touch with our souls has never been more imperative. With the developments in our society rendering us somewhat detached from our spiritual selves, there emerged a need for change. We needed to get back in touch with our true selves, but how could such a feat be accomplished when negativity is around every corner? We explore how Bespoke & Co. Candles created its acclaimed Original Crystal Candle© to rekindle the bond between us and our souls.
Spirituality is rooted in an undeniable truth. In order to feel truly fulfilled and enlightened throughout our lives, it’s crucial that we forge a connection with our surroundings that ventures beyond a surface level. The natural world lends itself to our journey towards happiness, and Bespoke & Co. Candles is at the forefront
of ensuring that we never lose sight of our inner selves. Its award winning candles are just one form of sensual activation, allowing customers to connect with a part of themselves that they may be unknowingly neglecting.
It’s no secret that crystals hold an untold amount of healing properties, but Bespoke & Co. Candles is dedicated to fashioning crystals into a medium that makes improving your wellbeing simple and straightforward. Through infusing its hand crafted, hand poured candles with various crystals, all to achieve different goals, the team has been able to concoct a wealth of options for any of your healing needs. It recognises that no two internal issues are the same, and has
broadened its selection accordingly. Customer wellbeing is integral to
this thoughtful small business, and it aims to guarantee a solution tailored to and of your current challenges. With such a tight focus on the experience of its customers, family-owned and run Bespoke & Co. Candles holds itself to an
incredibly high standard when it comes to its services. The team, filled with experts, who each have experience in crystal healing, go out of their way to establish connections with their customers that surpasses what you may expect from a business. It treats its customers like extended family, all to better improve its ability to provide the best of the best for every person looking to re-establish
their spiritual connections. Thanks to their infusion with essential oils, the Real Original Crystalline Candles are able to produce a result unlike anything any regular candle can create. These candles are designed with an intrinsic purpose – to combine crystals and essential oils to bring customers a sensual experience that’ll reconnect them with their innerselves. And, through using 100% soy wax, these miraculous candles are both vegan and all natural. This allows customers to maintain a natural connection that’s absolutely crucial to rediscovering yourself and your dreams. And, with Eleni at the helm of this driven small business, spirituality has never been more accessible throughout Australia. Her previous and extensive experience as a crystal healer and soul coach has
given her an inner wisdom that truly shines through Bespoke & Co. Candles’ products. Every candle is crafted with pure intentions, and forged from a dedication to help please the senses, and allow for relaxation and positive affirmation. Every step of production infuses the team’s core aim into the results – to establish harmony between the mind and soul.
Bespoke & Co. Candles presents a unique spiritual opportunity for any customer willing to give this new form of healing a try. And with a compilation of love letters detailing their flawless experiences, it’s difficult to turn a blind eye to the real healing that Bespoke & Co. Candles’ products are providing. If you’re feeling a little run down, and want to try experiencing the true meaning of soulful serenity, Bespoke & Co. Candles can help you find your spiritual pathway, and guide you
through a soul discovery journey unlike any other.