My Ethos

My word to you is my promise. As a lightworker and a crystal energy specialist, I have an ethos that I follow and can never brake. I am here in physical form to have a human experience, meaning that life will show me and teach me many life lessons; some that at the time knocked me to my knees, and then taught me how to get up and be strong on my own two feet. Life has a way to always test me and make sure that I never break my spiritual ethos. For years, I loved getting up, going to my practice, and being that light to remind others of their own light. I always saw, and see myself as an equal to all that I cross paths with. I believe that all my clients are also there to be a reminder to me. There is a saying that goes, “When a student is ready, a teacher will appear”. I strongly believe that. My ethos is that I have done my job as a light worker when the student then becomes the teacher! I have, and always will be about teaching you to stand in your own power, and not seek it from outside of yourself. YOU MUST STOP LOOKING OUTSIDE OF YOU. ALL YOU NEED IS WITHIN. YOU JUST NEED THE RIGHT TOOLS TO REMIND YOU OF YOUR LIGHT. This is why in 2008, I created the first original liquid crystal and crystalline candle with raw crystals within the candle too. That went side by side with my candle therapy program that I created and used in my practice. By 2013, I decided that everyone worldwide should know about this powerful ritual, and wrote my book ‘Light My Candle, awaken the light within’ I am the only liquid crystal infused soy candle in the world. It took me years to master the process of mixing the two elements of soy wax and liquid crystal, without compromising the powerful properties of the liquid crystals geometric vibrations. I use the geometric liquid crystal gifted to us by mother earth, using the earths metals, minerals and crystals. Liquid crystals are everywhere. They are used in all kinds of display devices, like your T.V or computer monitor. These devices cannot work without the liquid crystal. Each pixel in a monitor is an assembly of liquid crystal controlled by its own electromagnetic field. Our candles work on that same vibration, whether burning or not. The vibrational frequency is vibrating powerfully within the soy wax. Combined with purpose and intention, you have a powerful healing tool in front of you. I am not about placing spectacular crystals on top of a candle because it looks pretty. You can purchase that from anywhere. And yes, for the beings that are interested in only beautiful crafted scented candles, please check out our fragrance range. Our Liquid Crystalline Candles© are crafted by me with a purpose and intention, using 100% soy wax, liquid crystal, essential oil, and topped off with A-grade crystals. Each candle takes 45 days to create. Our first stage is cleansing all our crystals. We then start our magical process of hand pouring and crafting the candle, with our liquid crystal, essential oils, soy wax, and crystals. In the next stage, each candle is placed in an area where they are bathed in the new moon energy, and we place the intention and purpose for the candle. Then, our candles go through a curing stage. Before you know it, the full moon is out and ready to cleanse all in it its presence. Once again, they go out to get Luna bathed in her magical energy. And finally, our candles are energetically bathed under our crystal-light bed. Our crystal bed has 7 extremely clear and Vogel cut quartz crystals that suspend approx. 12 inches above our candles. Each crystal has been cut to release a specific frequency, in order to cleanse, clear and enhance our candles vibration as well as awaken the liquid crystals power. Now they are ready for you to enjoy! We pride ourselves on having all natural, 100% soy candles. We use lead-free cotton wicks + our ritual & crystalline candles are essential oil based, phthalate & paraben free. Non-toxic is our oath. Our Liquid Crystalline Livani Candle© is not just a miraculous & holy scent that awakens your soul. There are many layers to our Livani candle. Firstly, I invoke the presence of Saint Kyprianos and Archangel Michael, and place an intention through the process of making the candle. The intention is to protect you, your family & home, to cleanse and clear any low vibration energy + raise your frequency in the home, or work environment. Our candles are 100% soy, made from pure frankincense essential oil, not fragrance. And then we add liquid crystal and pure frankincense resin, brought in from the monasteries in Greece. When the candle is burning, it purifies in the process, bringing forth a devotional atmosphere, promoting a sense of peace, relaxation, grounding and connectedness, raising your spiritual state.