Are you searching for soy wax candles that produce delightful fragrances without burning? Are you looking for an alternative to soy wax candles?

Bespoke & Co. Candles offers delightful, ready-to-use soy wax melts in Australia. But, what are these wax melts, and how can they replace conventional wax candles?

We have 90+ delightful fragrance options when it comes to scent-infused wax melts.

You can use the choice of your burner or warmer – manual or electric to use these melts. Soy wax melts are candle substitutes, as we can say; these melts are simple wax (solid blocks) pieces that can easily melt in an oil burner or warmer of your choice, filling up your room with a body-relaxing aroma. You can use tea light too with these scented wax melts.

If you don’t prefer burning soy wax candles in your room, this is the perfect option.

How do Scented Wax Melts work?

We offer 100% organic Soy wax melts in Australia; every pack has six solid blocks of melts with a burning time of around 90 hours. You have to pluck/break a cube from the six-pack and place it on the burner/warmer.

This scented wax melts quickly, starts producing fragrance, and fills up the entire room where it has been placed. You can keep adding these solid cubes to your burner for continued aroma.

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