About Me

Introducing to you, the Original Crystal Candle©, from yours truly, Bespoke & Co. EST. 2008. Here, you will find a modern twist on the forever trending candle.

Hello, and welcome to Bespoke & Co Candles. Many enlightened and beautiful souls know me as Eleni: soul-coach, writer, lecturer, liquid crystal practitioner and crystal energy specialist, and My mission was, and is, to help my brothers and sisters of this Earth to find oneness. Together, with encouraging words of wisdom and spiritual knowledge, my purpose is to inspire my brothers and sisters of the human race to find the flame within. The biggest tool I used with my clients was candle therapy©. I was so excited to create the first, Original Crystal and Liquid Crystalline Candle© in 2008. In 2013 after years of using these powerful candles, witnessing the power within them, I wrote my first book, 'Light My Candle'©. It has now been well over a decade, and even though I have had a small break from the practice, I am very excited to introduce to you the new chapter, and beginning. I say 'new chapter' due to the fact that my beautiful and unconditional love of a daughter, Valandou is stepping in to her power, putting forward her new ideas and concepts. We are blending the amazing old positive energy, with the power of the present, and new energy, to continue creating our signature healing Crystalline Candles©. I would like to say, thank you. I am very grateful for all the trust and love that many have shared with me. I cannot wait to continue hearing and receiving more love from you all. It continues to remind me that we are all here to serve, and be love. I am forever grateful that I have served you, and will continue to do so a decade later, providing you with hand-poured, made with love candles, through intention & intuition with the power of the moon, crystals, and essential oils.

Our crystalline infused candles not only provide you with a bespoke scent; courtesy of pure essential oils. Our candles are hand-poured, crafted to provide each individual with an aesthetically pleasing experience in regards to all senses, whilst being exposed to high frequency healing properties. Our beautiful aromas, mists, diffusers, essential oil roll-ons and more, are unique and made with love, and pure intentions. All products are 100% natural, Australian made and sourced, as well as vegan friendly, made with 100% soy wax. Our products act as beautiful and exotic house pieces, thus behold a sensual experience, tailored to suit the needs of every individual, as each product is made with different intentions.

May you all enjoy this journey as much as we will.

Love, Eleni  xoxo