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Our Crystal Infused Mists are made by our liquid crystal practitioner, Eleni. Eleni made her first mists range in 2012, and these were, 'Peace Mist', 'Chakra Mist' and 'Grounding Mist'.  They were sold within her soul coaching practice. The Peace Mist was renamed, and the formula was slightly modified, to be known now as our Self-Love Mist. Eleni's formula for our Chakra Mist remains the same, and our Grounding Mist formula has been enhanced and modified to serve you as the Anxiety Mist. Eleni has poured all her love, knowledge, and wisdom into adding to the range. Our sleep mist is a game changer, and let's not forget about our Palo Santo Cleansing Mist.  Every product that Eleni has used within our mists are incorporated so that the desired elements of vibration and frequency match, to help you achieve what the aim of the product is for. 


We use only the absolute best essential oils in our products to ensure purest quality and benefits.

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