Aphrodite lose leaf incense blend

Aphrodite lose leaf incense blend

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Awaken the Goddess within. 

burn it on its own or mix with any raw resins

Blend is: Palo Santo, Sage, Lavender, Rose petals, Rosemary and herbs 


  1. Hold the charcoal disc with the tongs and light by holding a flame to one side of the disc, until it glows and sparks.
  2. Place the disc in the Incense burner or on a heat proof dish and wait for it to stop smoking. I use smokeless tablets. But, if yours smokes up during start up, I recommend you light them outside.
  3. The disc will slowly turn grey – if you blow on it, this will happen more quickly and across a wider surface of the disc. Be careful, as this can cause the disc to spark. So, do not hold it too close to your face when you blow on it! Please act with caution.
  4. Add your blend. Top tip: if you’re burning it in a relatively small space, choose a smaller piece, as this will make it less smoky, and it won’t burn for as long.
  5. I start at my front door and move room to room, therefore cleansing each room. I finish the cleanse at the back of the home. I then take the incense to my sacred space, where I leave the incense to burn, while I either meditate or pray.