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Pot Of Protection Cauldron Candle

Pot Of Protection Cauldron Candle

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Our Evil Eye protection Candle goes through 4 rituals:

A full moon ritual, a new moon ritual, a crystal bed ritual, and lastly, an intention  ritual. After the 45th day, it is ready for you to bring the candle into your home, and create change. 

The Scent used is Dragons Blood; for protection, clearing negative energy & to enhance & amplify all potency of energetic healing. 

Its scent is very relaxing and has a woody, spicy scent, very similar to amber. Also, lets not forget it has the ability & power to set a calming mood to a space. 

The candle is topped with black tourmaline crystals, hand blown glass evil eye amulet  and blue frankincense incense.

Cauldron comes with a lid  


Once you have finished with burning the candle, simple wash with soapy luke-warm water. Your Cauldron is ready for use.  

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