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Palo Santo Protection Candle

Palo Santo Protection Candle

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Palo Santo means ‘Holy Wood of the Saints’. We have been working on our Palo Santo Healing Candle© for 8 months to make sure it has a high frequency when lit and when not. The ratio of all elements combined were mastered by our talented liquid crystal practitioner to achieve our desired outcome of this extraordinary candle. We have ensured that the purity and frequency of the palo santo oil that is used in our candle remains constant. The palo santo essential oil within the candle is 100% pure, as well as our black tourmaline liquid crystal. On top of our candle, we provide you with a piece of Palo Santo wood that you remove for personal use. Burning Palo Santo wood is a sacred practice used by the Incas and Indigenous people of the Andes. The Andean shamans use it in Religious ceremonies to ward off negativity, therefore purifying, and cleansing evil spirits and misfortune. Palo Santo protects your etheric field from any low-lingering frequencies. Palo Santo is believed to help provide medicinal and therapeutic healing energies. The mystic of this sacred wood can be felt at first light, leaving you feeling calm, peaceful, grounded and emotionally clear. 

HOW TO USE: Hold the Palo Santo wood at a 45-degrees angle, facing downward, and light the Palo Santo wood. Allow to burn for 40 - 60 seconds. Blow out the flame and allow it to smoulder. Work your way around the room in a clockwise direction from the ground upwards, and don't forget to cleanse your etheric body, and anyone else in your presence. To cleanse yourself, start at the heart centre and fan the smoke up, towards your throat, then up and over your head and then down towards the ground.

Re-light your Palo Santo stick if needed, then extinguish in sand, or leave in a heat proof bowl. Palo Santo can be reused. 

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