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Limited Edition Livani Crystal Candle

Limited Edition Livani Crystal Candle

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Our Limited Edition Livani Crystalline Candle Jar is handcrafted with a stunning recreation of Mother Mary and Jesus, featuring 24K Gold Leaf.

Our Crystal Livani Candle© is not just a miraculous & holy scent that awakens your soul. There are many layers to our Livani Candle. Firstly,  The intention is set to protect you, your family & home, to cleanse and clear any low vibration energy + raise your frequency in the home, or work environment. Our crystalline Livani candle is 100% soy wax,  made from pure frankincense essential oil, not fragrance, and then we add liquid crystal, and pure frankincense, brought in from the monasteries in Greece. When the candle is burning, it purifies in the process, bringing forth a devotional atmosphere, promoting a sense of peace, relaxation, grounding & connectedness, raising your spiritual state

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