At Bespoke & Co. Candles, our in-house Artesian candle maker handcrafts each candle wax sculpture with Love, Thought, and Knowledge. These candles are made to complement your house or workspace and ensure that everything you participate in, you do so with positive energy. Most of our wax sculpture candles are made for decorative use and are designed to accentuate the look of your house and uplift the spirits of anyone who sets foot in your home. 

When you click on each of our candle wax sculptures, you will be able to read how to care for the candle if they’re meant to be a showpiece. You will also find instructions to burn the candle. Sculpture candles in Australia started gaining popularity as the world came to stand still in the form of a ‘lockdown’. It is quite difficult to install actual, life-sized sculptures at home and that’s where our pieces help make all the difference.

Wax Sculpture Candles In Australia

Our crystal-infused candle wax sculptures are infused with crystals like Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, and Peacock Ore, to help attain certain virtues and bring out the best in us. For example, our ‘I AM THE GODDESS OF LOVE’ candle is infused with Rose Quartz and 24K gold leaf. Gold is known to be the ‘master healer’ and helps you open your heart and love others who are a part of your journey. 

You need to pay attention to our candle care instructions if you choose to burn our wax sculpture candles that are meant to be just sculptures. Sure, you can burn them but only if you take all the necessary steps like making sure you place a deep dish below it, keep the wick trimmed, etc.

Aesthetic Sculpture Candles In Australia

Bespoke & Co. Candles prides itself on its range of wax sculpture candles made with pure intentions, to find their way to a loving home. Designed to be used as a showpiece, none of our candles will be the same and have some differences. Be it in the placing of the crystals, the embellishments of the gold leaf, etc. since they are hand-made. This is why our sculpture candles in Australia are unique and exquisite. 

Our ‘EVIL EYE PILLAR CANDLE’ has a 70-hour burning time with no fragrance but with a beautiful golden leaf, garment to help ward off bad energies. Our ‘MOTHER MARY FRAGRANCE SOY CANDLE’ comes with Rosary beads around her neck and has a cold throw scent. The ‘ICED SKULL CANDLE WITH SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL’ is our best seller. This crystal-infused candle is 100% vegan and is designed to not let any part of it go to waste after burning. You can also head over to the instructions to find out how to burn it properly and witness light emitted through his eyes! 

Our ‘GODDESS’ range has three variations: Love, Positivity, and Wisdom. These candles are embellished with silver or gold leaves according to their purpose. Made for decorative use, these candle wax sculptures can bring you peace and help you make your house or workspace have its own charm.  You can avail of our ‘KING DAVID’ candle wax sculpture in the gold leaf edition too! 

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