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Saint Kyprianos Crystal Candle

Saint Kyprianos Crystal Candle

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The Saint Kyprianos Crystal  Candle is a 9 day ritual candle that has been created in-house by our liquid crystal practitioner. Throughout the 45 day process to create this powerful candle, Saint Kyprianos has been invoked to guide, protect and place a strong intention for healing.

The candle goes through 4 rituals:

A full moon ritual, a new moon ritual, a crystal bed ritual, and lastly, an intention ritual. After the 45th day, it is ready for you to bring the candle into your home, and create change. 

Why did we create this candle? Well, Saint Kyprianos of Antioch is known as a renown sorcerer & philosopher during the reign of Decius (249-251 AD) for most of his childhood, and part of his adulthood. He mastered various demonic and diabolical arts. He was filled with evil, but when he crossed paths with Saint Justina and his magic could not work on her due to her strong faith and love for God, he realised that there was a power stronger than what he knew. So, after many challenges, he gave up his dark ways and went on to help the Christian Bishop Anthimos. He started to write prayers to reverse the bad magic, curses, hexes and evil eyes that had been written by him to create evil. He knew how to reverse these spells, and till this day, our Christian and Orthodox priests use these prayers to remove all evil that is bonded to another. 

We have created this candle to work alongside Saint Kyprianos' 9 day ritual prayer to remove any hexes, curses, evil eyes and negativity. 

When you buy this candle, you will receive instructions for the 9 days, as well as the powerful prayer. 

The essential oil used is Dragons Blood; for protection, clearing negative energy & to enhance & amplify all potency of energetic healing. 

Its scent is very relaxing and has a woody, spicy scent, very similar to amber. Also, lets not forget it has the ability & power to set a calming mood to a space. 

The crystal used to top the candle is Peacock Ore Pyrite. The reason for this is to help with the ritual, as its vibrancy is uplifting. It helps to raise your vibrational frequency, allowing you to dismiss any doubt, fears & self-limitations. Peacock Ore Pyrite helps with removing negative energy from your body and mind. It is very important that during this ritual, your mind stays positive and present, and also from a place of love. 

As for the Liquid Crystal used within our Soy wax, our in-house liquid crystal practitioner has added Black Obsidian as her choice of liquid crystal, for its powerful properties to protect, heal, ground and release disharmony that has built up from life experiences and situations. 

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