Candles and crystals have been used for ages to manifest one’s reality. Crystals have been known to symbolise purity and perfection for centuries as we find the mention of them often in religious texts. Gospel books were decorated with crystals in Churches. The process of hand pouring candles and crafting intention candles have been known to radiate different energies for its user. At Bespoke & Co Candles, we handcraft crystal infused candles to help our users manifest their dreams. 

The lady behind the magic of Bespoke & Co Candles, Eleni, is known to be a soul coach, a writer, a lecturer, an author, a crystal healer, a liquid crystal practitioner, and the director of ‘Butterflies Of Inner Wisdom.’ She created this portal of magic to provide her fellow residents of the planet with ‘intention’ candles that will help them live their purpose and connect more with their soul’s true desires. 

These crystal candles go through a long process of 45 days to finally come done and ready to be shipped to their rightful owner. Every candle is hand-poured and crafted with pure intentions and is toxin-free. They’re made with 100% soy wax and contain no phthalate or parabens. Bespoke & Co Candles are under the oath of using only natural ingredients like lead-free cotton wicks and essential oils to keep one in touch with their roots. With high-frequency healing properties, our crystal infused candles are made to please all senses and help relax and practice affirmations whenever one gets the time. We believe that with intentions and intuitions, combined with the magic of the Moon, crystals, and essential oils, one can get in touch with their soul and find their purpose on this beautiful planet.

Best Crystal Candles In Sydney:

Our crystal infused candles are made with liquid crystals by our own liquid crystal practitioner. These crystal infused candles help you get rid of old patterns and that negative voice in your head that always seems to pull you down and live your life in self-doubt. Intention candles are called so because their purpose lies with the maker, who hand-pours these crystal candles in Sydney with the thought of helping the user manifest their goals and end a troublesome cycle of the past. Crystal Candles hold powerful energy as crystals have always been known to be a vessel for the human race to connect to the spiritual world and get in touch with what lies ahead. Candles have been known to be a soother of the mind, heart, and soul, providing good riddance to anything that may pollute the soul. Together as crystal infused candles, we intend to provide the magic of manifestation to our clients who want nothing more than a peaceful life! 

Let’s take you through our candle-making process. 

  • The first stage is to clean all our crystals and rid them of any bad energy. 
  • With the help of liquid crystals, essential oils, soy wax, and crystals, we hand pour and craft out candles. 
  • Place the candle in an area that bathes them with New Moon energy and place the intention for them. 
  • The candles enter the curing stage and are ready to be bathed under the Full Moon’s energy. 
  • We then bathe all the candles under our crystal-light bed and they’re ready to go out! 

If you’re new to this but feel energised just by looking at these images and reading all about the journey of each candle, then your journey may benefit from these crystal infused candles.  Follow us on Instagram @bespokeandco.candles for all the updates. We sell bath bombs, intention mists, roll-ons and many more exciting things that will help you progress in your journey.


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