Three Wise Men Incense

Three Wise Men Incense

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Our Three Wise Men blend is of three types of resins Frankincense, Myrrh and Benzoin. These resins are obtained from different trees around Europe and the Middle East. Our Three Wise Men  is a classic combination of different types of incense, with spring flowers, lavender blossoms, and cinnamon. The scent is a sweet smell of Frankincense and Myrrh. 

Burning our incense has some positive benefits. Use when you need to cleanse your space or yourself. Use incense as an accompaniment to meditation, prayer, yoga or at the end of the day when you need to unwind, as it increases calmness and focus. 

The Three Wise Men is an incense meant for use in rituals. Burning incense is a rich sensory experience, and it should be burned on  charcoal tablets, specifically designed for incense burning. 


This incense should not be used as a food additive or for pharmaceutical purposes.

The pack is 70g 

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