How To Make Essential Oil Candles At Home?

Article published at: Jun 6, 2022 Article author: David Hall
How To Make Essential Oil Candles At Home?
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“Like a tiny candle in a dark room, even just a little bit of positivity can cancel out a whole lot of negativity.”

There’s not a bad mood that a scented candle can’t fix. Light a candle while working, while cooking, or after a long day, and see your energy soar. Spiritually speaking, essential oil candles in Australia are known to uplift one’s spirit. Whatever the chore maybe, just light a candle, put on your favourite music and get on with it. With a natural release of endorphins and dopamine in your brain, your mind and soul will reach a peaceful stage where all work will be performed with passion as the soul soars high on essential oils.

There is something more indulging and relaxing than lighting up a candle. You will find the process of making a candle with your own choices of essential oils very freeing. Although one might think that is an easy job, working with hot wax can be dangerous so you must take all precautions when you’re doing the deed. Pure essential oil candles can help you find your ‘The’ scent. A fragrance that works on you the best. The exciting part about making your own candles is that you can play around with different kinds of essential oils and make new fragrances. The key is to note down the proportions you’re using so that at the end of the day, you still know how to make your newly discovered fragrance candle .

How To Make Essential Oil Candles At Home?

The first thing you need to make sure of is to source quality products. The smell of an essential oil candle will only be strong enough to cover the entire room when the essential oils used are not of poor quality. Poor quality essential oils can also cause a faulty burning experience for a candle.

Ingredients needed for DIY essential oil candles:

  • Slow-burning wax
  • Hot-burning wick
  • Strong and good quality essential oils

Let’s get right into it:

    Choose a slow-burning wax

      Different waxes hold fragrances differently. For example, beeswax is a slow-burning wax and it releases its own scent slowly. On the other hand, paraffin wax cannot hold a scent for long, nor do they have it’s own scent since it is a fast-burning wax. Essential oils are less fragrant than chemicals and hence you need a slow-burning wax to ensure that the smell of your essential oil receives justice.

      We personally recommend soy wax . The two great properties of soy wax are that it burns slower and releases less soot and smoke, making it a cleaner and more sustainable option. It also releases fragrances beautifully as it burns slowly and makes your candles last longer.

         Choose a hot-burning wick

          You need a hot-burning wick because that ensures that your oils are getting released into the air in a decent amount. It is important to make sure that your wick does not have a metal centre or paraffin coating. That would beat the entire purpose of making a toxin-free candle. Hemp wicks tend to burn much hotter than cotton and are the ideal choice!

            Choosing your oils

              Finally, the best part. You can obviously choose your own oils but certain oils tend to have a very soft smell that might get lost in a candle since wax also has its own smell. Such oils are great for aromatherapy but it’s better to choose a stronger scent for your candles. For example, eucalyptus, rosemary, vanilla, pine, etc. If you really wish to use your favourite soft smell, you can experiment by mixing different oils.

              You need to use more oil than you think. The right ratio is 2 teaspoons of essential oils for every 4 ounces of melted wax. Make sure you add it at the right time. Too soon or too early can hinder the compounds of the wax. The ideal temperature to mix your oils is 180 degrees F. Cover your candle as it sets to avoid any fragrance escaping. Soy essential oil candles tend to last you for a long time and they’re great to get some work done. If you wish to not go through this process, just look up ‘ essential oil candles near me and get in touch with us at Bespoke & Co Candles for quality scented candles.

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