DIY: Make Scented Soy Candles – A Step By Step Guide!

Article published at: Jun 22, 2022 Article author: David Hall
DIY: Make Scented Soy Candles – A Step By Step Guide!
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Home design enthusiasts know that DIY activities are a popular way to create attractive and distinctive décor. DIY projects may be rewarding, but it can be challenging to find something that is both enjoyable and easy.

The scented candles in Australia are a favourite DIY activity among crafters for a good reason: they are infinitely adaptable, gorgeous, and easy to build. Scented candles are cherished long after February is through for a present, so make one for a Valentine. We will demonstrate how to create scented candles in Australia at home in the following post!

Measure the Wax:

Ensure you have a clean, levelled area to work on before starting the candle-making procedure. Anything you don't want wax on should be moved. You may also use newspaper or paper towels to protect the area.

Do a doubling of the amount of wax you need to fill the container once you have measured it out. To melt so much wax, you will need to use a double boiler.

Put the Wax in a Pot and Warm It Up:

Pour the wax into a double boiler and heat it for 10 minutes. Continue stirring to prevent scorching or burning.

Incorporate Essential Oils for Scent:

It is time to add your choice of essential oil to your melted wax. I personally love adding lavender oil to make a gorgeous, scented soy candle wax. Stir for two minutes after adding it to the melted wax. Even though this stage is optional, we strongly suggest it! You get a beautiful scent, completely non-toxic. The amount of wax to use is specified on the packaging.

The Wick Is Attached:

Before adding the wax, ensure the wick is secured to the bottom of the container. The wick may be attached by using double-sided wick tape to secure it. Alternatively, the wick may be attached by swiftly adhering it to the bottom of the bottle after putting in the melted wax. If this is the case, read the next step, then, allow the wax to solidify for five minutes.

Put the Wax in the Container:

When the thermometer registers 80 degrees Celsius, it is time to start the pouring process. After that, carefully pour the hot wax liquid into the container you have prepared. The wick should be held in position, but not pulled on. Allow a tiny bit of wax to remain inside the boiler for subsequent use.

Increase the Quantity of Wax Used:

If the top of your candle has cracked or holed, reheat it and add the leftover wax to fix the problem. Allow for hardening.

Snip the End:

The wick of your candle should be no more than 1⁄2 an inch in length. Trim the wick if it's too long, or if the candle flickers when it's lit. Look at a guide the next time you are looking for a quick and meaningful present idea. After reading this guide, you may save or pin the infographics for future reference.


Candles are a great way to give light and warmth to any room, but they usually don't last long and may be rather expensive. Soy wax is an excellent choice if you're worried about the air quality inside your house. Even though candles come in various shapes and sizes, they all have three essential components: wax, wick, and holder. But, be sure to use the correct wax & wick for the task. Making your candles is as simple as experimenting with different fragrances and oils.

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