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Eleni Contzonis, Author & Director of Bespoke & Co. Candles. What is candle therapy? And how will this process change my life? Candle therapy is a peaceful and uplifting journey that can help you to achieve your dreams and desires and to fulfil your life’s purpose. The flame is so magical and powerful that it helps you tap into other dimensions, as well as to heal. Have you ever looked deep at a burning flame? What pictures and patterns did you see? These were created because the flame of the candle pierces the curtain between the physical and spiritual worlds, and creates a pathway between dimensions and reflects like a mirror – showing you what you need to witness – allowing healing to take place both physically and emotionally. Before we start the candle therapy meditation process, let us explore the elements that make it a transcendent experience. Candle therapy is not just about picking up a candle and following instructions; it requires study and self-observation. It is vital that you take control of your session and understand why you are thinking, feeling, seeing, and experiencing certain emotions. We live in a remarkably busy, and often complicated world. We run from home to our jobs, to events, parties and gatherings; we are busy with family drama, cooking dinner and packing kids’ lunches; and somehow, somewhere, in the chaos we call life, we try to fit in meditation or yoga. It is hardly surprising that our society has a huge problem with depression, anxiety, violence, obesity, drug addiction and stress. Stop; breathe! The answers to how you can change your life without shaving your head, wearing a dhoti, and rushing off to the Himalayas are here in my book. “Light My Candle: the flame within” reminds us that spirituality is not meant to be complicated or difficult, or requires sacrifice. It is meant to be part of everyday life, because life itself is a spiritual experience. Take a moment and ask yourself, why am I trying so hard to fit in when I am made to stand out? You are a star that shines so brightly. You were made from the same essence as the amazing stars that we look up to in the night sky. You are unique; there is only one of you. Within you there is an alchemist who already has the wisdom and spiritual knowledge that you seek. All you need to do is awaken from your unconscious state and remember what your soul already knows. The universe understands only feelings. When you feel love, the universe says “yes” and rushes to bring you more. When you feel hate or sorrow, the universe brings that to you too. It is not the universe that must change, but you. This is why I come with a simple message: Most of us know intellectually that self-love is important, but we find the practice of it a challenge, for our families and society have taught us that self-love is selfish. Nothing could be further from the truth. When we become sad, we close ourselves off from the universal love that flows to us at every moment. One of the best ways to get back on the road of self-love and thereby raise your spiritual vibrational frequency is through ritual and ceremony. The ancient wisdom of candle therapy combined with respect, love and openness will help turn your life around. I have poured my loving energy in to my book and my liquid Crystalline candles to offer you a spiritual lifeline to personal empowerment. It is time for you to take control of your life! If you are seeking affirmations, you have come to the wrong place, as at Bespoke & Co. Candles, we create transformations. Let the magical techniques of my book, alongside my candles be your first step in your journey back to power. You will come across obstacles and challenges, but these techniques will help you overcome them. It is an eternal truth that each of us are born with gifts. Are you ready to awaken your gifts? To miraculously move your focus from your mind to your heart; where you can create change and heal your body and mind? Well then, let’s do this!

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