Bakhoor  Cup Gharam
Bakhoor  Cup Gharam
Bakhoor  Cup Gharam
Bakhoor  Cup Gharam

Bakhoor Cup Gharam

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Cup Bakour, is easy to light does not require a burner or any charcoal, making your Bakhoor experience quick, consistent and convenient.

Bakhoor is probably the most exotic form of all fragrances used in households for centuries. It is specially used during important occasions such as weddings, welcoming of guests, celebrations and other special moments in life. Bakhoor is widely used by both women and men to make clothing smell good, and is, in many cases, preferred to other forms of incense due to its natural origin and therapeutic benefits. 

Bakhoor is originally an Arabic word for scented bricks or simply a mixture of traditional ingredients, woodchips in most cases. These bricks or chips are usually burnt using incense burners or charcoals.

Burning ensures that the fragrance spreads gradually & evenly all over the place.  In most Arab countries, it is passed among the guests while seated as a sign of hospitality, and helps the guests relax or even create positive energy.

Traditionally, Bakhoor is burned in a Mabkhara, an incense burner used for this purpose which works with a couple of wood or charcoal pieces. These days, most Bakhoor is burned without the use of charcoal or wood. Smart Bakhoor, as it is popularly called, has made the use of Bakhoor convenient. The Original Bakhoor Company products retain the age-old traditional qualities while offering convenience through innovation. 

Bakhoor is great for neutralizing any smells in your house or office. This might also be one of the most effective fragrances when it comes to relieving stress and anxiety.