Ancient Tibetan Amber Resin Incense

Ancient Tibetan Amber Resin Incense

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This Incense, containing Amber Resin is a blend of many Himalayan plants and herbs. If your familiar with Amber as an aromatic, you'll immediately  the warmth from this fragrance. Amber Resin is an admired incense for purification. It is burnt for protection and to promote spirituality within your home. 

These sticks come wrapped in a handmade Lokta paper tube with a small wooden incense burner. Lokta paper is made from the fibrous inner bark of evergreen Daphne family shrubs. This artisan activity and the product is indigenous to Nepal, so is entirely appropriate and suitable for these Incense sticks. fits these Incense sticks.

It contains 30 sticks, each stick burns for 60 min.