Abalone shell for Cleansing Rituals

Abalone shell for Cleansing Rituals

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In cleansing rituals, it is believed that holding onto the iridescent shell of the abalone increases feelings of purity. This deepens the effect of the spiritual cleanse.

These rituals involve the burning of sage to clear negative energies from within, or from a specific space. Couples and families can do these rituals to cleanse a space in their household after an argument or when they move to a new home.

The smoke from the sage is thought to clear the bad energies and bless areas with a positive light.

The abalone shell is a natural smudging tool that has been used for centuries. The shell is known for its ability to cleanse and purify the air and energy.

The best way to use an abalone shell for smudging is to first cleanse the shell with sage or another cleansing herb. Then, you can place whatever you are burning in the shell and let the smoke drift around the space you are in. The smoke from the abalone shell is said to be able to purify the air and clear away any negative energy. You can also use the shell as a container to catch ashes when you are finished smudging.

Please note: These shell's are a natural product, imperfections do occur and are NOT considered a flaw or imperfection. 

These are a natural product, recycled from seafood farms, so each shell is a unique snowflake. The variations between each shell is due to the diet of the abalone, what types of foods it has access to during its different growth cycles, you can literally see the change in diet, so the special markings and variations in colour are a representation of the life cycle of the abalone that used to inhabit the shell. Giving each one a special story behind it.